Paths of Eshu/Eleggua

The study of the different paths of Eleggua were done with the collaboration of Luis Iglesias Perez. Eshu and Eleggua in essence are the same person/diety. There are many paths to Eshu for eshu is ever present; thus, wherever life exists so does Eshu. Since life is infinite, so are the paths. The following are some of the paths of Eleggua:

  • Eleggua Abaile : Messenger and intermidiary, helper in the house of Ocha. His functions are to translate egbos, functionary of cleansings etal.
  • Echu Achi Kuelu : An old man of small stature who lives in holes and tunnels under the earth. he is the spirit of the earth. Owner of minerals especially gold.
  • Eleggua Afra : From the land of the Arara. He is the Elegba of Babalu Aye. His ileke (beads) are black and white.
  • Echu Afrodi and Echu Agroi : From the Arara nation. They posses 21 paths, and are decorated with 24 cowries. Helpers of Ifa.
  • Eleggua Agatigaga : Echu Agnailegbe; Eleggua Agbanile: Names of Eleggua
  • Eleggua Agbanukue Agbanuke : Came from the land of the Arara. He is the guardian Eleggua of the home.
  • Echu Agbalonke : Adult and very strong. Punishes with fire. Also called the Eshu of death.
  • Echu Agberu : Wife of eshu, receptor of sacrifices.
  • Echu Agganika : This path, Eshu likes to trip over everything he sees. Very malevolent, dangerous and vindictive. When angered he brings about disharmony.
  • Eleggua Aggo Meyo : From the land of Oyo.
  • Echu Agongo Olo Onya : Owner of the crossroads and walkways.
  • Eleggua Agongo Ogo : Elegbara who serves to atack or defense against enemies.

Who is Babalu Aye?

Babalu Aye is a major orisha and venerated catholicized saint. In the Cuban tradition he is the deity of sickness, leprosy (Hansen's disease), and diseases of the skin. He is considered to be the son of Nana Buruku. Some consider him to be born directly from Obatala. in realiy, Babalu Aye is a title that means " Father of the World ". This name is derived from the lucumi. This deity is received and not put on anyone's head. His color is purple and his day is friday. His number is 16. Babalu Aye is sincretized as Saint Lazarus, a very popular saint in Cuban catholicism.

Being the deity of sickness, his messengers are those vectors of this world that spread disease (i.e. mosquitos, arthropods, and the environment especially the wind). If a person is possessed by Babalu Aye, he person takes on the appearance and motion of a sick person. His/her movements are slow, they limp as they walk and look very fragile. At times the possessed will swat at imaginary flies away from their imaginary wounds. The possessed person will try to heal those around him from their afflictions.